This is a Disaster

Disaster Incorporated is a clothing brand created with love and stupidity by Richie Disaster, the artist, owner and only member of the team. 

Disaster Incorporated started on March 1st 2023 after Richie left the brand he owned and operated for over a decade, Abandon Ship, in 2022 and then got a "real job" in the Tech industry before being made redundant in January of 2023. 

The plan was never to start a new brand. But even prior to being made redundant Richie was creating A LOT of art with no home and it became increasingly obvious that he still had stories to tell and products to create. Following the redundancy he spent a month designing the first products and building the business concept. 

Disaster Inc's goal is to create weird and exciting products that bring joy and the sense of "holy shit I need that!"
The project is to be free flowing with the ability to dip in and out if other freelance work takes priority or a break is needed. Products are released as "drops" in limited quantities and hopefully sell out quickly so that very little stock is ever held. Richie does not plan to take a wage or income for the business for the first several months, with all profits being put back into the brand so it can grow and focus on product development. Along with this the goal is to be as transparent as possible and show the inner workings of a brand and its growth and stumbling blocks as it develops. This is to encourage others to take the leap on their own project and to allow for a better understanding of what it is like to run a project like this. 

With just £500, a bigcartel and a lot of free time the brand began. The first release of t-shirt were taken to Brighton Tattoo Convention where barely any were sold as too much fun was being had to worry about selling t-shirts. Luckily this meant most went online and sold out within a few hours. That was on March 1st. Since then the brand has continued to release products with varying levels of success but with all ultimately selling out eventually. 

In April the brand took on a studio space in Margate, the home of Richie and the brand. The studio is a reflection of his brain and a space that feels inline with the brands vision and goals. Local people to Margate can collect their orders from the studio. 

The goals for the brand moving into its third month of operating (and beyond) are to continue to its rapid growth with a clear goal laid out for monthly recurring revenue and workload, at which point the brand will pivot to managing costs and KPIs to continue to improve the customer experience and products on offer while being as efficient as possible. To continue to relay the businesses achievements and missteps in a transparent and clear way via our social channels and to make products that bring joy to the world. 

- Disaster Inc